Southern Fuelwood
United States

The State of Florida passed Rule 5B-65 in August of 2010 in an effort to halt the spread of forest destroying pest like the
Emerald Ash Borer and others that have been devastating the forests of the northeast. The Rule requires unprocessed wood to
be heat treated to 160 degrees of internal temperature and held there for at least 75 minutes in a sealed chamber (kiln) to kill
any pests within the wood. This can also be achieved by fumigation of the firewood with approved chemicals in a confined
chamber for set times and concentrations, but this process does not dry the wood. Rule 5B-65 guidelines are the same as the
U.S.D.A. certification process requires for wood that is transported in or through quarantined areas.

Southern Fuelwood uses kilns to heat treat and dry its firewood to precise levels and feels this is safer for woods that will be used
for cooking and heating.

Southern Fuelwood is the manufacturer of all of the quality wood products that we sell. We are not a reseller of someone else’s products and we do not produce our products from diseased wood from Tree Surgeons. We are not in that business as some of our firewood competitors are and you can be assured that all Southern Fuelwood products are from carefully selected healthy trees. We have built a solid reputation on our ability to deliver to our customers the right cut, split, moisture content, packaging and species of heat treated wood that provides the best value and results for their business. We offer competitive prices, quick service and dependability you can count on. Let Florida’s original “Woodman” provide you with the best possible products and service for your business.