Seasoned firewood has been cut and split and left out to dry by the natural evaporation of its moisture. This firewood, depending
on how and where it is stored, can take up to a year to get down to levels below 20% when it starts to become good firewood.
Kiln dried firewood has been cut and split and placed in containers of various sizes that have primarily gas fired burners that heat
the air to high temperature in order to rapidly draw down the moisture content of the wood to whatever level is desired. Both
processes will dry the wood, but kiln drying can reduce the moisture content below that of seasoning and at a much faster rate.

Southern Fuelwood offers kiln dried wood that also meets Rule 5B-65 standards set by the State of Florida.

Southern Fuelwood is the manufacturer of all of the quality wood products that we sell. We are not a reseller of someone else’s products and we do not produce our products from diseased wood from Tree Surgeons. We are not in that business as some of our firewood competitors are and you can be assured that all Southern Fuelwood products are from carefully selected healthy trees. We have built a solid reputation on our ability to deliver to our customers the right cut, split, moisture content, packaging and species of heat treated wood that provides the best value and results for their business. We offer competitive prices, quick service and dependability you can count on. Let Florida’s original “Woodman” provide you with the best possible products and service for your business.