About Southern Fuelwood Company

Southern Fuelwood Company Overview

Southern Fuelwood is dedicated to producing the highest quality cooking and heating wood products, made from the finest southern hardwoods available for our discerning customers. With over 30 years experience the company has acquired a high level of knowledge and skill in the best practices for producing high quality wood products in the significant volumes required to service the ever expanding commercial trade.

To meet the demands of the industry, Southern Fuelwood has continued to develop its capabilities through the acquisition of the most modern equipment for wood processing (cutting and splitting), drying and heat treating, packaging, warehousing and delivery.

Key to meeting the market’s need for clean, dry, pest free product are the KILNS required to heat treat wood to U.S.D.A. and State of Florida required standards. Southern Fuelwood has TEN high efficiency kilns in place and operating, more than any other facility in the southeast. As such, Southern Fuelwood can produce more certified product in a shorter time than any cooking wood or firewood producer in the market. Southern Fuelwood was the first company in Florida to be certified to heat treat wood to U.S.D.A. (5B-65) standards by the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Southern Fuelwood’s highly adaptable packaging lines are scalable to meet double the volume of product currently required, and flexible enough to change over to the type of packaging needed at any particular time.

With over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space, Southern Fuelwood can build and maintain sufficient on-hand inventory to assure its customers of instantly available product. Our state of the art stretch wrap and palletizing equipment provides clean, stable and easy to handle shipments for our customers.

Important notation: Southern Fuelwood has built a solid reputation on its ability to provide customers with the cut, split, moisture content, packaging and species of wood that provides the best results for their business. We would be pleased to work with you to provide the best product for your specific needs. Contact Us for assistance.

  • Southern Fuelwood’s offices and production plant are located at: 28826 West Newberry Rd. (Rt. 26) Newberry, FL 32669
  • The location is 14 miles west of Gainesville, FL off the I­‐75, Route 26 (Newberry Rd.) exit. It is 2.5 miles west of the center of Newberry (the Rt. 26, Rt. 41 intersection).
  • The facility is located on 200 acres of company owned land and contains:
  • An office building of 5,896 sq. ft. with State certified truck scales.
  • Three warehouse buildings totaling 50,704 sq. ft. for product storage.
  • Two covered loading docks and two portable loading platforms.
  • Two packaging facilities totaling 16,265 sq. ft.
  • A pallet production plant of 14,877 sq. ft.
  • Ten drying kilns with a total capacity of 101,659 cubic feet.
  • Wood shavings production plant 5,000 sq. ft. with a finished shavings barn of 2,400 sq. ft.
  • Maintenance shop for trucks and equipment of 12,475 sq. ft.
  • See our Sustainability Statement in the F.A.Q.’s section.
Southern Fuelwood is the manufacturer of all of the quality wood products that we sell. We are not a reseller of someone else’s products and we do not produce our products from diseased wood from Tree Surgeons.We are not in that business as some of our firewood competitors are and you can be assured that all Southern Fuelwood products are from carefully selected healthy trees.We have built a solid reputation on our ability to deliver to our customers the right cut, split, moisture content, packaging and species of heat treated wood that provides the best value and results for their business.We offer competitive prices, quick service and dependability you can count on. Let Florida’s original “Woodman” provide you with the best possible products and service for your business.