Standard Pallet Free Stack

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40” x 48” x 52” Tightly free stacked for stability and stretch wrapped for safe shipping. Our largest pallet wood configuration. Flavors: Oak, Cherry, Hickory & Pecan.

The finest gourmet barbecue cooking or smoking woods in the industry. Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Pecan and other hardwoods are available. Our wood is custom split for low and slow cooking. Standard Split, Extra Split, Barkless or your favorite split are available in all of the popular wood species.Various pallet configurations Standard and ECO Pallets let you buy the right quantity for your particular needs.

Kiln dried to 15% or less moisture content and heat treated to Florida Dept. of Agriculture required 5B-65 standards that meet USDA treatment regulations for shipment to any state.

Southern Fuelwood offers both the crossed stacked and rack stacked pallets of wood to fit the particular preferences of our customers. The rack stacked pallets have slightly less wood due to the space taken by the side racks.

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